Best Breathable Shoes for Sweaty Feet

If you are looking for new shoes for the summer season, it is important to have a pair of breathable sneakers for your Sweaty Feet in your closet as temperatures rise. In addition to keeping your toes cool and comfortable, reliable shoes protect your feet and ankles from the impact of walking on concrete or standing for long periods of time.

Whether you’re attending a formal event or heading out for a weekend getaway with friends, there’s a breathable shoe that fits your feet perfectly. Shoe manufacturers are constantly innovating designs using a variety of materials to produce more comfortable, breathable sneakers that fit everyone’s lifestyle.

Best Breathable Shoes for Sweaty Feet

With so many Breathable Shoes for Sweaty Feet out there, going on a summer sneaker hunt can be time-consuming. We can help you. We’ve purchased breathable sneakers and personally tested them for breathability while wearing them on indoor and outdoor trips, and we’ve also performed smoke tests in our lab. We’ve selected some truly impressive pairs and put them on our list. Introducing our top picks in various categories.

1. Hoka Clifton 9

Best breathable shoes for sweaty feet Women's

While searching for new sneakers, you’ve probably seen Hokas popping up left and right. The brand is known for its ultra-cushioned shoes and vibrant color combinations. The Clifton 9s are designed to feel lightweight and allow your feet to breathe with a knit upper made from recycled polyester. “I wore them for 10-12 hours at a time and still found them comfortable and breathable,” wrote one Hoka reviewer. Plus, SELF’s editor-in-chief considers these sneakers to relieve pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

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2. Puma RS-X

best breathable shoes for sweaty feet men's

In the breathable sneakers category, PUMA RS-X dominated as an excellent retro model. The breathability of these sneakers really surprised us as they noticeably reduced foot sweating even on the hottest days. What’s more, it’s affordable without sacrificing its bold and captivating vintage aesthetic.

The upper of the PUMA RS-X was meticulously examined using bright light and a microscope to fully understand how it interacts with the air. These two tests yielded the same results: porous toe box and quarters.

The colorway selection of this retro piece is a feast for the eyes. Its classic charm is amazing, but it doesn’t require a lot of money. In fact, the price of PUMA RS-X is $110, which is 30.2% cheaper than its peers.

We found that its massive silhouette equaled its weight. Our scales weigh 16.05 ounces (455 grams), which is 12.3% more than the weight of a typical sneaker. If you want a product that does not put pressure on your feet, please look for another product with good ventilation.

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3. Asics Gel Venture 8 running shoes

breathable shoes for work

Dr. Cunha and Dr. Spector recommends all ASICS sneakers, and these Gel-Venture 8s will support your feet at a more accessible price point than most of the shoes on this list making it the best breathable shoes for sweaty feet for women. The airy mesh upper has synthetic material sewn into strategic areas for added durability, and the heel outsole contains gel that the company claims helps with shock absorption (the amount of energy your foot absorbs upon impact). “I clean houses for a living, and these are a huge help in everything I do!

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4. Crocs Men’s LiteRide Pacer Sneakers

Best breathable shoes for sweaty feet ladies

The LiteRide Pacer sneakers for men from Crocs offer unimaginable comfort. If you find yourself deodorizing your shoes almost every day, stop. Wear breathable shoes right away and avoid sweating your feet. With zero odor and zero chance of discomfort, these shoes offer commendable arch support and much-needed softness for sweaty feet. The impeccable foam design and pressure dispersion ability provide a good grip with every step.

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5. Brooks Ghost 15 Running Shoes

best breathable work shoes for sweaty feet

Brooks recommends dr. Cunha and Dr. Spector is another brand we all highly recommend, and the Ghost 15 is a highly breathable option due to its mesh upper. “These might be the best sneakers I’ve ever worn,” a SELF 2023 Sneaker Awards tester wrote. “I’ve been running for six years and have completed many races, including a half marathon, but I’ve never fallen in love with a shoe so instantly or so easily. I would recommend this product to all runners, from casual joggers to marathon trainers.

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6. New balance 990 v6

best work shoes for sweaty feet

The New Balance 990 v6 defies the odds by combining suede, breathability, cushioning and stability all in a lightweight package. This is a feat achieved through meticulous craftsmanship and world-class materials. Our lab analysis revealed its sturdy construction and innovative use of FuelCell cushioning, solidifying its status as the best premium breathable athletic shoe.

The upper is made with real suede layers and passes the torch test to ensure authenticity. We expected the material to have limited breathability, but surprisingly it has mesh panels that provide a high level of breathability. The breathability test confirms our experience with a rating of 5/5.

In the midsole, we find FuelCell cushioning, a feature found only in elite running shoes. This cushioning rises above average to a 39.1/23.9mm stack with a below-average 28.3 HA configuration. Both results highlight the highest level of comfort and airiness we have ever experienced. Despite its size, the 990 V6 is lightweight at only 12.9 ounces (366 g), providing stability throughout your walk. These sneakers offer strong arch support and have an ENCAP rim around the heel to enhance the shape. The 990 V6 also widens the midsole to compensate for potential imbalanced stride length.

Aside from the premium $200 price tag, there is a lot more to like about this shoe. If budget is a priority, I recommend looking for cheaper, better quality shoes.

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7. Skechers Men’s Go Max-Did

Skechers Men's Go Max-Did

Slip-on sneakers win all hearts, especially those who want to avoid the hassle of tying their shoelaces. And the Men’s Go Max-Deed from Skechers is the perfect breathable sneaker for sweaty feet. The ultra-light air mesh upper and good quality rubber sole make it one of the best walking shoes for men. The sturdy woven mesh fabric not only maintains panel stability but also keeps your feet breathable. Additionally, the extra padded heel is appreciated for ease of walking.

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8. Cloudboom Echo 3

Cloudboom Echo 3

If you’re really looking to increase your speed, these On running sneakers might be worth splurging on. Christa Sgobba, CPT, SELF’s fitness director, recommends it for road races and any workout where you’re trying to achieve top speed. Ample foam, carbon fiber plates and rocker bottoms will help propel you forward and enhance your propulsion. “The comfort and fit are truly top notch,” she wrote in her review. She wore these shoes for a race and found “no rubbing, pinching or denting” the entire time. “The lightweight upper was so breathable that my feet stayed dry even in the humidity of an early September northeast morning.

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9. Adidas Alpha Boost V1

Adidas Alpha Boost V1

The Adidas Alphaboost V1 was already well-ventilated, but it didn’t stop there. It also offered one of the softest cushioning systems we’ve tried. As a result, it was easily chosen as the sneaker with the best cushioning and breathability. The durability of the sole, suitable for outdoor activities, was already a bonus.

Rated a 4 out of 5 for breathability, the Alphaboost V1’s upper allowed air to pass through easily. We have confirmed this through our own experience and through smoke tests in our laboratory.

In addition to being thick, the midsole was also nice and soft. Shocks from occasional jumps and impacts were easily neutralized. Our HA durometer gave this midsole a rating of 22.4, which is significantly lower than the average of 30.9.

We were surprised to find that the sole was quite abrasion resistant. We performed high-pressure Dremel drilling in the lab and the attack left only 0.4 mm of damage. This figure is much lower than the 1.0mm found on typical outsoles.

Unfortunately, the Adidas Alphaboost V1 itself wasn’t too flexible. Flex test results showed that 41.9N of force was needed to bend it to a 90 degree angle. The average sneaker requires only 23.2N.

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10. UA Men’s UA Charged Assault 9 Running Shoes

UA Men's UA Charged Assault 9 Running Shoes

These men’s running shoes from Under Armour are one of the best breathable shoes for sweaty feet. Features a rubber outsole that provides good grip. All treads have a lightweight upper mesh that promotes airflow. These shoes are designed to protect your feet from impacts. The UA Charged Assert 9 running shoe for men is made of durable leather and compression molded foam for ultimate stability and comfort.

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11. Xero Shoes Forza Trainers

Xero Shoes Forza Trainers

Foot stability, an essential part of weightlifting, means you can feel the ground beneath your feet. That’s why we love the minimally cushioned Xero trainers, which won the SELF 2023 Sneaker Award. It has a moisture-wicking lining so you can stay cool during everyday activities. Testers said they were “perfect for weightlifting workouts” and liked the adjustability. “Depending on the activity, it may fit like a glove or it may be loose.

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12. Asics Gel Lite III

Asics Gel Lite III

There have been plenty of breathable sneakers, but the ASICS Gel Lite III tramples them all with its clever use of materials that ensure breathability. Made largely of natural suede, but with breathable mesh in key areas. Rated 4 out of 5 for letting your feet breathe well. In addition to breathability, these shoes also offered notable plushness and effective structural flexibility, providing a completely comfortable experience.

A typical midsole gets a rating of 30.9 on the HA durometer. The midsole of the ASICS Gel Lyte III measures just 22.1, making it much softer than average. When worn, the soft midsole compresses when needed, ensuring a pain-free experience.

Structurally, these Asics sneakers were more flexible than usual. In our lab, we learned that a typical sneaker requires a force of 23.2 N to bend it to a 90-degree angle. When we put Gel Lyte 3 to the flex test, we found that much less was needed. It’s only 17.2N. This additional flexibility allowed the shoe to better adapt to the movements of the foot.

If the platform were just a little wider this would have been a perfect shoe. Measured with a caliper, the forefoot width was only 100.0 mm and the heel width was only 76.8 mm. The average platform widths at the same points measured 108.9 mm and 83.4 mm.

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How to choose the best shoes for sweaty feet?

Here are some aspects to keep in mind when buying the best shoes for sweaty feet: Take a look and make wiser and more profitable investments.

1. Breathability

Always choose breathable shoes with mesh knit uppers. Avoid shoes made of plastic or shoes that impede airflow. For those whose feet sweat a lot, well-ventilated shoes are recommended.

2. Size

Always choose the right size for your foot type. Avoid running a size too small or large as this can affect your comfort level and limit flexibility. You should choose one that matches your measurements and has tremendous stability and longer runs.

3. Comfort

Above all, don’t compromise on comfort. Comfortable shoes are shoes that provide equal space for your toes and feet to breathe. Shoes with cushioned footbeds are ideal for sweaty feet.

4. Soles

Always pay attention to the insoles and soles of your shoes as they are the most important elements in resolving foot problems. Choose shoes with soft, moisture-wicking insoles that will keep your sweaty feet dry and cool. Rubber and air-cushioned soles are one of the best soles to keep your shoes odor-free. Also look for features like anti-slip, waterproof, traction, and pressure-dispersing soles.

From the best shoes for sweaty feet to breathable sneakers to shoes for hyperhidrosis, all of these shoe styles will help you manage your sweaty feet with ease. You can indulge in walking, running, jogging or any rigorous physical activity that requires optimal stability and balance. Pick the best one today and say goodbye to your sweaty shoes and smelly feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I wear shoes when my feet are sweaty?

Using moisture-wicking socks with your shoes can help keep your feet from getting sweaty.

Are breathable shoes good for sweaty feet?

Breathable shoes are actually a must-have for sweaty feet as they prevent excess sweat, bacteria build-up, odor, and other problems associated with sweaty feet.

What can I do to make my feet sweat less and keep them from smelling?

It is a good idea to choose shoes that are well-ventilated or wide-toed shoes that allow for good air circulation to prevent foot odor in the first place. You can also use antibacterial soap or foot powder to minimize the effect.

Do your feet sweat less when you wear leather shoes?

Leather shoes, if they fit best and have a breathable design, can help with sweating.

What type of shoes are most breathable?

Mesh shoes are mostly breathable. Other than that, shoes with a highly breathable design are also the best!

Is it okay if my feet sweat?

Sweaty feet are normal! Our feet have more sweat glands per square foot than the rest of our bodies, so strenuous activity or hot weather causes our feet to sweat to regulate our body temperature.

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