Hoka Bondi 8 Review: What Are Hoka Bondi 8 Good For?

With an unrivaled supportive midsole and rocking outsole, Hoka is a shoe brand for walkers and long-distance runners. Ultra-light, breathable and ultra-comfortable, these shoes offer best-in-class comfort and plenty of bounce with every step. A representative example is Bondi. This best-seller is loved by walkers and runners for its fit and performance and is backed by podiatrists, earning it the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance. Below is Hoka Bondi 8 review, why I think these shoes are one of the best Hoka walking shoes and one of the most supportive sneakers you should get in 2024.

what is the difference between hoka bondi 7 and 8

What is the Difference between Hoka Bondi 7 and 8?

Compare Hoka Bondi 8 and Hoka Bondi 7. The Hoka Bondi 8 has a lot in common with its predecessor, the Hoka Bondi 7. Both have rock-shaped soles and plenty of underfoot cushioning, with a few notable changes. The Hoka Bondi 8 has lighter padding and reinforced heel cushioning for a very comfortable step, while the gusseted, padded tongue keeps dirt, debris and water out of the shoe while keeping it locked in place. This makes a significant difference to the overall Hoka Bondi 8 performance.

What are Hoka Bondi 8 good for?

The Bondi 8 is ideal for “everyday running, walking and comfort, according to Hoka, a foot and ankle specialist at Airport Podiatry Group, was interviewed by Well+Good about the best Hoka shoes for plantar fasciitis. These shoes are everyday wear, walkers, or runners. They’re also a favorite of people who spend a lot of time on their feet.


  • Full of comfort
  • Gliding ride
  • Resilient touch
  • Excellent durability


  • Narrow toe area
  • It’s still heavy

Where to Buy Hoka Bondi 8?

You can buy Hoka Bondi 8 from Hoka’s official website for $165 or retailer websites such as Amazon.

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Hoka Bondi 8 review

If you are looking for shoes with the best cushioning, the Hoka Bondi 8 is perfect. You can’t get more cushioning than this. This is absolutely ridiculous. Just a few years ago, shoes with this much cushioning would have been strange. Hoka Bondi now sets the standard for maximum cushioning trainers.

what are hoka bondi 8 good for


The Bondi 8 uses a Durabrasion rubber outsole in key areas. I usually use rubber all over the sole of my shoes, but I’m glad Hoka only placed it in the core areas. why? Rubber makes the shoe heavier and Bondi believes there is no need for more weight.

However, deployment in key areas is fine and the Bondi 8 copes well with adverse weather conditions. No need to worry about slipping. You have to worry about the water at the top becoming heavier. I rode in pouring rain and on desert roads and had no problems with slipping.

When it comes to durability, you can expect the Hoka Bondi 8 to have an overall lifespan of over 400 miles. Durability and cushioning are one of the biggest gifts of this shoe. An easy-to-use running shoe that can handle the recovery period that feels like your 100th running season.


When most people look down at a Hoka Bondi on their feet, they think, ‘Wow, those are big shoes.’ It’s actually not as “big” as you think. This year the excess has also decreased and even appears to be slightly “smaller”. Don’t be fooled into thinking that these are small or light shoes!

For the first time wearing the Hoka Bondi, I noticed that the upper fit a bit snug. It’s not tight enough to change the size, but it’s tight enough to be noticeably narrower than the previous version. I hope this isn’t a trend, as I’ve always liked and expected slightly wider Hoka models.

Hoka has removed the overlay, but the mesh is thicker than previous versions. This means the shoes are not as breathable as they once were. This is not good as we enter summer in the Mojave Desert! Several times I felt my feet getting hot and sweaty. No blisters yet, but I wonder if that will be a problem!

When looking at running shoes, you want to look for an upper that feels comfortable without causing irritation. No need to break your shoes. For the most part, the Hoka Bondi 8 is noticeably narrower than its predecessor, but is comfortable to step on. Sneakers are usually worn in women’s sizes 10-11. I found the women’s size 11 to fit the Hoka Bondi 8 best.


Bondi now uses 40% recycled polyester eyestay lining, the upper mesh is 50% recycled polyester and the sock liner top fabric is 100% recycled polyester. I appreciate that they use sustainable products, but I think it affects the upper and makes it less breathable. I hope that as we move forward, Hoka can continue to use sustainable products while fine-tuning the upper and making it more breathable.


The good news is that the Bondi 8 uses the same compression molded EVA as the Bondi 7. Wahoo! Even if the same compression molded EVA is used, the feel is slightly different. Compared to other maximum cushioning shoes, the Bondi 8 leans towards the firmer side.

This year’s shoe is slightly lighter than previous versions, but it’s still one of the sturdiest shoes out there. I’m sure there are heavier shoes out there, but nothing comes to mind. Sometimes a shoe can be heavy and responsive, making it a fast running shoe. Not so with Hoka Bondi 8. Designed for light runs, recovery runs, and even walking. One of the least flexible and stiffest shoes available. If you need a stiff shoe that won’t flex, this is one of your best choices.

The most significant change to the Hoka Bondi’s ride quality is its geometry. A large sole flare runs the entire length of the shoe, and Hoka has expanded and sloped the heel. What does this mean? The shoe provides a smoother heel-to-toe transition, no matter who you are. When you wear these shoes, you can expect the heel-to-toe roll to feel clunky. Not regardless of your form. This is an ideal shoe for runners and walkers.

I thought the Hoka Bondi 8 would be a very easy running or recovery running shoe and it is that. I tried running “fast” a few times, but it felt unnatural and like I was trying to lift my feet very high. Running fast is uncomfortable and there are much better options. This is a great shoe for the purpose of easy running. After a few days of running on the Bondi 8 with maximum cushioning, your body won’t even feel like you’re running.

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There’s a reason the Hoka Bondi 8 has become so popular among runners, walkers, and podiatrists. They’re comfortable, supportive, and available in a variety of sizes and colors. And after wearing these shoes for over a month, I can easily say that these shoes are ideal for everyday wear as well as long walks.

where to buy hoka bondi 8

There are definitely a lot more choices than ever before when it comes to super stacked shoes, but Hoka continues to do the right thing and the Bondi 8 seems to be a shoe that compares favorably to others.

However, the 8th iteration of Hoka Bondi remains our beloved luxurious and comfortable daily trainer, excellent for easy days and recovery sessions. Thanks to the incredible foam, our feet stayed very comfortable throughout the run! Plus, these shoes kept our feet secure thanks to their extremely stable ride.

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