Top 10+ Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet in 2024

Buying running shoes can be especially frustrating if you have flat feet. There are conflicting opinions about what type of shoe best suits your foot shape. Some shoe brands add a lot of arch support.

What are the best running shoes for Flat Feet in 2024?

When considering the best running shoes for flat feet, you might think that the first and most important factor is arch support. But that isn’t always the case. Above all, it is important to feel comfortable. When you go to your local running store, you should always try on several pairs to compare.

1. New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v13

best running shoes for flat feet women

If you’re looking for the best shoes of 2024 for flat feet as a key element of your new kicks, the New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v13 is a solid choice. Thanks to the double-layer foam insole, it provides both firmness and springy cushioning to support your arches and protect your feet from impact.

It’s great for performance and ensures good energy return with every step, propelling you on the track. These are great arch support shoes for flat feet.

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2. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22

best running shoes for flat feet men

Brooks is the brand of choice among runners for a reason. They are durable, comfortable and supportive, and the Adrenaline GTS 22 is no exception. In addition to built-in arch support to relieve overpronation, the GuideRails support system provides additional cushioning to keep your feet in a neutral position while running. This (and 100% DNA LOFT cushioning) supports not only your feet, but your knees and hips as well. So, if you are looking for a versatile shoe, the GTS 22 is your best choice.

We especially like these shoes for flat feet because of the roomy toe box. Flat feet tend to spread out more than narrow feet, and the wide toe box of Brooks Adrenaline shoes means you can run comfortably for miles. However, if you want a very cushioned and cozy running experience, then go ahead and go. We found this to be quite stiff and not as springy as we had hoped.

Designed for road running, these shoes are also suitable for treadmill running. Made for both overpronators and hyperpronators, it has a removable insole for those who want to insert their own custom orthotics. We love how the patented GuideRails technology helps maintain proper foot alignment while running.

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3. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23

best running shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis

Although the Adrenaline GTS 23 isn’t specifically designed for flat feet, it’s a very versatile all-rounder with a comfortable feel and gentle support that makes it a strong choice for flat-footed runners (or any runner).

The current design features a midsole made from DNA Loft v2, a lightweight rubber-EVA foam that provides superior durability and a soft underfoot feel. This prevents it from decompressing and losing softness during long distance training.

The shoe is also equipped with Brooks’ GuideRails, which adds a sturdy layer of high-density foam to either side of the midsole. Extra foam provides support and keeps your feet aligned within the shoe as you run.

Lastly, the Adrenaline GTS 23 is available in wide and extra-wide sizes. This is helpful for runners with flat feet. It also has the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) for promoting foot health.

The Adrenaline line has been the top choice for runners of all kinds for years. With great cushioning, a secure feel and a wide sole design, this is an especially strong contender for flat feet.

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4. Nike Pegasus

the best running shoes for flat feet

Thanks to signature Nike React foam, this responsive road running shoe adds bounce to every step (something podiatrists say is especially important for runners with flat feet). These shoes are surprisingly light (7.5 ounces) but still feel great underfoot and are well cushioned.

Good news for those with flat feet: The latest version of the Pegasus features a redesigned midfoot and upper for more stability.

The outsole offers great traction and stability, but the style is still flexible enough to move with your foot. Additionally, the mesh upper provides ample airflow even on hot summer days.

Editor’s Tip: The Pegasus is one of the best sneakers out there, so we recommend purchasing several.

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5. Joomra Womfadveren

what are the best running shoes for flat feet

Not everyone has the extra cash to buy running shoes for flat feet. So, if you are looking for a more affordable option, the Joomra Minimalist Trail Running Barefoot Shoes are a great choice. These shoes offer ample arch support with a removable insole, and the breathable knit material is perfect for hot outdoor activities. The grippy rubber outsole is technically designed for trail running, but the responsiveness of this shoe may be uncomfortable for those who need more support than minimal shoes provide.

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6. On Cloudrunner

best running shoes for flat feet and overpronation

Although this daily trainer is technically a neutral shoe, it’s supportive and stable. For a running sneaker with a 9mm drop, the Cloudrunner is surprisingly light. This is thanks to the brand’s CloudTec cushioning and ultra-light zero-gravity foam.

The wider design of this shoe is perfect for runners with flat feet who are naturally prone to bunions. The brand says this stable, breathable shoe is suitable for runners of all levels, but is primarily designed for road running. We also like that the sneakers are made from at least 30% recycled materials.

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7. Nike Pegasus 40

best running shoes for flat feet and shin splints

The Pegasus has been a stalwart member of the Nike lineup for decades, and this 40th edition of the shoe continues that tradition. They are a versatile and comfortable training shoe that provides a relatively wide and naturally stable platform for flat feet.

The Peg 40 features an improved upper for an improved fit. Nike adjusted the inner midfoot band of the upper to better accommodate different arch heights and added padding around the ankle collar to provide a more comfortable and secure fit for the back of the foot. The shoe features a combination of React foam and Zoom Air units (air-filled cells located within the midsole) to absorb impact forces and add pep to your stride.

Pegasus offers notable benefits to runners with flat feet. In my testing, I found the cushioning to be relatively firm, which may help with flat feet. This prevents you from rolling too much inward when you land. Additionally, the sole design is wide and accommodating, especially for Nike shoes. Also available in extra-large sizes if you need more space.

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8. Saucony Triumph 21

Saucony Triumph 21

Saucony says the Triumph 21 is one of the best shoes for runners with flat feet. We added that, based on our testing, they’re an especially good choice for heavier runners who may have trouble finding shoes with good cushioning without feeling mushy. The Triumph 21 offers plenty of padding, but it’s not overly soft so it doesn’t feel unstable.

Triumph is a neutral maximum cushion trainer. The midsole is filled with Saucony’s Pwrrun+ foam, a resilient and durable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) bead foam. The upper is made from flat knit mesh and comes with generous padding around the ankle.

In my testing with the shoe, I really appreciated the Triumph’s comfortable fit. There is ample room in the toe box to securely hug the back of the foot. This provides a balanced ride. It is well cushioned yet firm and stable. RW testers also liked the shoe’s midsole design.

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9. Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 27 Running Shoes

Mizuno Women's Wave Rider 27 Running Shoes

The outsole is made of durable carbon rubber, so they last a little longer than your average sneaker. During my testing period, I couldn’t stop raving about the cushioning of the Mizuno Wave Rider 27 making it the best running shoes for flat feet for women. Thanks to the soft and resilient Mizuno Energy Foam, my feet felt lighter and the pressure on my joints disappeared. Meanwhile, we felt that the Mizuno Wave Plate helped disperse the impact of the foot, allowing it to better absorb shock when running on rough concrete surfaces.

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10. New Balance Fresh Foam

New Balance Fresh Foam x

The 860’s midsole features Fresh Foam A sturdy medial post supports the foot and prevents it from rolling too far inward during your stride. The upper also provides support, fitting tightly around the foot to help maintain alignment within the shoe while running. With so many assistive technologies, it’s no surprise that the 860 has earned APMA approval for promoting foot health.

Not all runners with flat feet need that much support to guide their stride. It’s really a matter of preference and how comfortable your feet feel. If you would benefit from additional support, the 860v13 is a solid choice.

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11. Asics Gel Kayano Running Shoes

Asics Gel Kayano Running Shoes

If you have low or non-existent arches, you need shoes that compensate for the lack of natural support in your feet. This is where the ASICS Gel-Kayano sneakers come into play. These shoes feature rubber and gel soles specifically designed to fit critical areas of the foot, which can help reduce overpronation. A built-in arch (called DuMax Support System) keeps your foot stable while you run, and an Ortholite sock liner adds comfort. This shoe is designed for road running, so it’s not a good choice for those who prefer trails.

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12. Gelkayano 30

Gelkayano 30

The Gel-Kayano is the flagship training shoe and one of Asics’ best-known models. Like the New Balance Fresh Foam X 860v13, it is designed for support. On a recent run, this pair impressed us with their comfortable feel, smooth ride, and roomy fit.

The Gel-Kayano’s midsole is made from FlyteFoam Blast+, a lightweight, responsive foam, and PureGel, a squishy gel-like layer that adds softness to the heel. Additionally, the wide sole shape provides a stable and firm fit, and the dense foam pieces built into the inner surface of the sole strengthen the arch of the foot. Asics likes to call this feature set the “4D Guidance System.”

In our test runs, the Gel-Kayano felt soft and comfortable. The wide, full-contact sole made the transition from landing to toe-off easy, while cushioning cushioned impacts (especially when running downhill). We also liked the roomy fit in the toe box and midfoot. This is the best trainer for flat-footed runners with a comfortable design and stable ride.

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13. Altra Outroad 2

Altra Outroad 2

The Altra Outroad 2 is a shoe that can do both, so to speak. Although it’s technically a trail running shoe, it’s light and agile enough for road running. The grippy outsole gives you confidence when running on slippery or uneven terrain, while the upper is sturdy enough to protect your feet from road and street debris.

A note on sizing: This shoe technically fits Altra’s thinnest foot shape, which gave me pause before testing it (after all, flat feet usually need a little more room to unfold). However, this was easily resolved by ordering a half size, and I liked the breathability and cushioning of the shoe enough to overlook the slight size issue with my flat feet. Additionally, like Altra’s other shoes, there’s no heel-to-toe drop, making them feel like platform shoes (although they do have plenty of cushioning).

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Are sneakers good for flat feet?

Sneakers with good arch support make life with flatafeet more comfortable. Designed to handle overpronation, a pair of runners are reinforced to provide additional stability. That alone can make walking, standing, doing household chores, and more much more comfortable, so if you’re looking for the perfect flat foot shoe, a pair of running trainers is a great option. Besides the fact that the men’s New Balance Fresh Foam

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