Best Plantar Fasciitis Shoes 2024

The best shoes for plantar fasciitis can help minimize pain and manage discomfort. To find the most effective options, we spoke with several board-certified podiatrists, tested multiple pairs ourselves, and analyzed shoe data.

After an in-depth report, we concluded some of the best shoe for plantar fasciitis overall.

Best plantar fasciitis shoes

1. Hoka Bondi 8

Best plantar fasciitis shoes for women

Finding the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis is a delicate balance,” says Nelya Lobkova, D.P.M., an American Board of Podiatric Medicine board-certified surgical podiatrist. The Hoka Bondi 8 is our top choice for several reasons.

A memory foam collar reduces foot fatigue, a rear crash pad on the back provides a balanced landing during the heel-to-toe movement, and the shoe’s neutral support structure adds stability. Hoka’s curved ‘Meta-Rocker’ sole also helps relieve pain by preventing your foot from landing flat.

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) offers a certification of approval, so the Bondi 8 has been reviewed by podiatrists. profit. Overall, these shoes are meticulously engineered from every seam to justify their premium price tag.

This is a great shoe. The wide toe box leaves enough room for the toes to spread out and breathe, and my entire foot felt fully supported and pleasantly cushioned with every step. This was especially true in the heel area, where plantar fasciitis pain is most felt. The only negatives I can say are the slightly higher price and the oversized sole, which may feel bulky to some people.

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2. Brooks Ghost 15 Running Shoes

Best plantar fasciitis shoes for men

Brooks Ghost running shoes feature lightweight foam that provides support and cushioning while also providing arch support. Parthasarathy says it’s APMA approved thanks to its balance of cushioning and support. Plus, it’s great for people with neutral feet, she says.

We love these shoes for all of these reasons, plus the fact that they come in a variety of colors, including white, which earned us a spot in the best tennis shoes category.

Tennis involves a lot of running and complex footwork, so you need shoes that support your joints while cushioning your feet. This shoe’s soft midsole and split crash pad mean that stopping short (and taking off) on the tennis court is as smooth as possible. Brooks Ghosts also ensure comfort during multiple sets despite plantar fasciitis issues.

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3. Orthofet stretch knit sneakers

plantar fasciitis shoes for ladies

If your shoes lack arch support, the plantar fascia is stretched, causing stressful irritation and pain.” says Lady Paula DeJesus, D.P.M., a triple board-certified podiatric surgeon in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Featuring a cushioning system for comfort and support, Orthofeet’s Stretch Knit sneakers are designed for plantar fasciitis. Specifically, foam padding around pressure points helps relieve pressure on sensitive feet and includes a removable anatomical arch booster to realign the foot.

These shoes feature a roomy toe box to accommodate other foot conditions, such as bunions, and a stretchy knit upper that allows the foot to flex freely without impeding movement.

What our testers said: “These sneakers felt loose at first, but the provided ⅛-inch spacer snuggly under the removable insole made it easy to adjust the fit and reduced heel slip. The Coral Stretch Knits include flexible plastic arch support that can be added under the insole for added support and plantar fasciitis protection, which is a great feature for me, who has pronated feet.

The tongue and collar aren’t as padded as some of the other products I’ve tested, but my feet still felt comfortable and supportive while walking and doing light cardio.

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4. Hoka Bondi SR

dress shoes for plantar fasciitis

The Bondi SR is the most cushioned shoe in the Hoka range. Made from water-resistant leather with an EVA midsole and grippy rubber on the sole, these shoes are the ideal work and all-day shoe for anyone. Especially for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis, these shoes are an American brand. Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Approval.

This Shoe is great for plantar fasciitis because it is very supportive and cushioned,” says Parthasarathy. Shopping Tip: Hoka is made for the best running shoe brands and the Hoka Bondi model is especially popular with the brand.

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5. ABEO MXV Alternating Metatarsal

women's walking shoes for plantar fasciitis

In order to enjoy everyday life with plantar fasciitis, it is important to have a set of reliable sneakers. From the moment we put the AVEO MXV Shift Metatarsal sneakers on for testing, we fell in love with them. Not only did it fit perfectly, it was very light and comfortable, with no chafing or blisters whatsoever.

I especially appreciate the slightly higher heel of the shoe and the grip on the back of the shoe to keep your foot stable.

More importantly, the arch of these shoes is molded to fit our feet so they don’t cause cramping, which can sometimes happen with shoes for plantar fasciitis. The toe box is also spacious, providing perfect space for your toes.

But what really impressed us about these shoes was the stability they offered. It’s so supportive and stable that I tested it out in my Zumba class and was able to get my groove on without any snags, pain, or catching on other surfaces. I was able to enjoy the class without the pain of plantar fasciitis ruining the fun.

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6. Orthofet Coral stretch knit shoes

best work shoes for plantar fasciitis

The Orthofeet Coral Stretch Knit shoes are as close to a custom sneaker you can buy, thanks to inserts that allow you to customize the fit. If necessary, the insert can act as a kind of arch booster. We also appreciated the stability of this shoe and how it supported our feet and ankles.

The curve of the heel also attracted attention as a way to absorb shock when walking. Even though the terrain was different, it felt like I was walking on a soft carpet. The editors who tested them often felt a pinprick sensation when walking, but not when walking around in these supportive everyday sneakers.

Even if you wear these shoes for long periods of time with just one insert, the support they provide will not be compromised. We’re confident that those looking for a little more cushioning and support will appreciate the additional insert options as much as we do.

Some people may need additional inserts for support and cushioning, but the fit of the shoe may feel different. When ordering, take the time to try a few configurations to see if the size suits the level of support you need.

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7. New Balance Fresh Foam

New Balance Fresh Foam

New Balance’s Fresh Foam line is their latest innovation. According to the company, Fresh Foam provides more cushioning instead of absorbing and dissipating the energy you might expend with each step. Think of it as a little extra rebound.

There is additional foam in the midfoot area of the shoe, which is the most painful area for many people with plantar fasciitis. Reviewers also like how the Fresh Foam upper hugs the foot. This means the shoe will sit securely under the midfoot and your ankle will be less likely to roll.

Thanks to the soft bounce-back sole, walking in Fresh Foams felt like a cloud. There is a decent amount of padding on the tongue and ankle area, so my feet felt comfortably supported. I like how the back of the heel counter flares out slightly, reducing the risk of blisters or chafing.

A dependable daily gym sneaker with a soft feel, excellent cushioning, and a variety of widths to fit a variety of foot shapes. Sizing Note: I found this to run large, so I recommend sizing down. I usually wear a size 8.5 or 9 and the 8 fits me perfectly as it has plenty of room to breathe.

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8. Cloudflyer 4 running

Cloudflyer 4 running

During testing, these On Cloudflyer shoes added a spring to our steps. The grippy outsole serves the dual purpose of providing stability and cushioning. These resilient yet supportive shoes leave us feeling energized and ready to go. We have never once been bothered by plantar fasciitis. We could do what we wanted and then some.

And as an added bonus, the heel was nice and cushioned and the support inside the shoe was very comfortable. It didn’t feel hard or crampy in the slightest. Additionally, these shoes effectively absorb the impact of walking on various surfaces.

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9. Vionic Tokyo sneakers

Vionic Tokyo sneakers

When it comes to shoes for plantar fasciitis, I was impressed with the arch support that the Vionic Tokyo sneakers provide. These shoes not only support the arches of my feet, but they also do a great job of providing counter pressure that helps relieve plantar fasciitis pain. Plus, my heels felt like they were wrapped in a soft pillow.

This combination of arch and heel support provides a one-two punch in relieving plantar fasciitis pain. These ultra-responsive Vionic Tokyo sneakers did a great job of taking us to the next level. This movement allowed us to comfortably go through each step without putting any tension or pressure on our feet.

Overall, the sole absorbed the impact of my steps without feeling too compressed, and it didn’t feel like it was going to collapse.

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10. ASICS Gel-Venture 9 Women’s Best Running Shoes

ASICS Gel-Venture 9 Women's Best Running Shoes

Of the shoes we tested, these Asics Gel-Venture 9 shoes were the most form-fitting and comfortable shoes we tried. Not only did they fit perfectly, but my feet didn’t slip at all. Plus, our heels felt secure and well supported.

It’s also worth noting that the arch support is excellent and the toe box is roomy. We have never experienced foot pain while wearing these shoes and they do not rub or slip at all. This is a great feature when running. In fact, our experts love these shoes so much that they’ve become their go-to shoes. We also like the relatively affordable price point.

I also appreciated that the heel cup hugs the heel tightly and the sole absorbs the shock of movement well. The curve of the sole and the responsiveness of the shoe made transitioning to this shoe very easy.

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11. Dansko Face Walking Shoes

Dansko Face Walking Shoes

With supportive cushioning, Dansko Pace sneakers provide both arch support and rock-solid stability for people with plantar fasciitis. We really like the unique border around the edge of the heel cup and the small oval cushion on the heel. These features go a long way in reducing pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

I was also impressed by the fact that the arch support felt solid and sturdy and didn’t flatten due to wear. Moreover, the sides of the tongue are made of wide, stretchy material that is attached to the side of the shoe, giving the shoe a more snug and supportive fit. This feature provides additional stability to the shoe and prevents slipping.

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What should I consider when purchasing plantar fasciitis shoes?

Shoes suitable for people with plantar fasciitis feature a balance of cushioning and support.

Adequate arch support: Adequate arch support is one of the most important things to look for in a shoe if you are experiencing plantar fasciitis pain. Because the plantar fascia runs along the sole of the foot, this support reduces the stress that can be placed on this ligament during prolonged activity.

You’ll also want to look for shoes that have a firm but flexible midsole across the entire foot and a supportive heel cup.

Cushioning: Especially in the front of the shoe, is equally important. Choose shoes that hug your feet and have cushioning that fits your unique foot shape.

Natural movement and function: Not everyone’s feet have the same shape. Try out several pairs to find one that fits your feet well and is suitable for the type of activity you are planning.


We chose 11 best shoe for plantar fasciitis due to its great fit and well-placed cushioning. It’s a reliable neutral shoe, especially available in medium and wide widths, making it a good choice for a variety of wearers.

These sneakers also feature lightweight, resilient foam for a comfortable ride while walking, running, and running errands, and have an extended heel and rear crash pad to absorb shock during soft landings, helping prevent heel and foot pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is plantar fasciitis?

The plantar fascia is a ligament that runs along the arch of the foot, providing support and shock absorption as you walk, run, jump, and generally move about during your day. When stress is placed on the plantar fascia, small tears can occur that cause inflammation, most commonly causing stabbing pain near the heel. What happens first thing in the morning is often more intense.

Do shoes help plantar fasciitis?

The more stability and support you provide to your feet (and plantar fascia), the less likely you are to develop plantar fasciitis and the more likely it is to heal. This means that sometimes additional treatment may be needed to promote healing.

For example, some people need orthopedic implants, physical therapy, or cortisone injections for relief, adds Dr. Pinker.

If I have plantar fasciitis, do I have to wear shoes all day?

To relieve strain on the plantar fascia, your feet need adequate support. Ultimately, if you can tolerate wearing shoes all day, you should, says Dr. Spector. However, he admits that most people have difficulty doing this, so he recommends recovery sandals without shoes.

Does plantar fasciitis get better?

As someone who has suffered from plantar fasciitis, the answer is yes. As long as you pay attention to what shoes you wear, especially if you’re a runner (like me). For very painful episodes, you may need to limit high-impact activities until the inflammation subsides.

Are tight shoes good for plantar fasciitis?

You want a snug fit, but you don’t want to wear tight shoes. If they are too tight, your foot may not be able to maintain its natural position within the shoe, which can worsen the condition.

Is plantar fasciitis the same as flat feet?

No, it’s very different. Dr. Kavanagh says: “Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the plantar fascia. Flat feet mean your entire foot is flat on the ground and has little arch,” she says. “Plantar fasciitis has nothing to do with arches. It’s not arch pain, it’s heel pain.”

Is plantar fasciitis more common in men or women?

You see it in all foot types, whether you have flat feet or high arches. It’s not like wearing high heels or anything like that. If you walk around barefoot a lot, that can be a bit of an issue, but people who walk around barefoot don’t always understand that. In general, regardless of your foot type, your feet need support.

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