Can i Wear White Shoes To A Wedding?

White is a color that is socially prohibited for guests to wear at weddings. But how strict are the rules?

If you have white shoes that you want to wear to a wedding, you may be wondering if they will be allowed. Well, in general, shoes may be okay, but they may not be the best choice.

Let’s take a closer look at why you shouldn’t wear white to a wedding, how much white is acceptable, and whether white shoes are acceptable.

Can i Wear White Shoes To A Wedding?

White shoes are a great option for a variety of outfits, but they may not be the best choice to wear to someone’s wedding.

It is best to avoid white shoes when attending a wedding. When it comes to wedding etiquette, it’s wise to avoid white, off-white or very light colors. Because white is traditionally the color for brides-to-be.

can you wear white shoes and bag to a wedding

It is generally understood that it is respectful to avoid white unless explicitly requested by the bride. Other generally accepted wedding guest dress rules include avoiding very sheer, distressed, or overly casual attire unless required by the dress code.

That said, if you’re choosing white shoes for a modern, laid-back wedding, you may have a little more wiggle room depending on the type of outfit you want to wear.

White shoes are fine as long as they’re not overpowering and are part of a well-coordinated outfit. Still, it’s best to choose nude, pale grey, blush or pastel shoes rather than pure white or ivory, when dressing for someone’s big day.

Also, do not attend a wedding wearing dirty, worn, or scratched shoes. When it comes to what to wear, classic pumps for women as long as they don’t feel overly bridal or black dress shoes for men are always timeless choices.

If the wedding is held outdoors, women may want to consider block heels or flats to make it easier to walk on grass or grass.

Can I wear white heels as a wedding guest?

White heels are a bit bolder than cream-colored shoes, but with a few considerations, they can be an acceptable choice for wedding guests.

Make sure your heels aren’t overly decorated or draw attention to themselves.

Pair it with colorful outfits to create balance. Avoid wearing a white dress with white heels as this may encroach on the bride’s territory.


You can actually wear white shoes to a wedding, but it’s important to do so tastefully while respecting the bride’s special day. Whether it’s cream shoes, white heels or white accessories, it’s important to balance the outfit and not detract from the main attraction of the beautiful bride.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why shouldn’t you wear white to your wedding?

White became the color worn by brides on their wedding day after Queen Victoria’s infamous wedding dress, and has been considered the color of the bride ever since. Now wearing white to someone else’s wedding is considered a big mistake.

And this is not limited to white clothes. Instead, cream, ivory, and other white or off-white shades are basically off-limits for wedding parties.

Although this is not a hard and fast rule, it is considered rude to wear white unless the bride specifically asks her guests to wear white at her wedding.

How much white can you wear to a wedding?

If you’re going to be wearing an outfit that includes white in the pattern, this may be appropriate, as long as the white is only a small accent color and doesn’t obviously compete with the bride’s dress.

A good rule of thumb when evaluating clothes to determine if they are too white is that if you question whether a garment contains too much white, it usually is white.

Restrictions on wearing white are not limited to clothing options. In some cases, this can extend to jackets, wraps, and even shoes.

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