Cloudflow 4 Review: Cloudflow’s Running Shoes

On Cloudflow 4 is an amazing choice for On fans looking for a versatile daily trainer suitable for a variety of speeds and distances in the lab.

The Cloudflow 40 is also best suited for those looking for a lightweight running shoe that is versatile enough for occasional racing.

Is Cloudflow 4 shoes suitable for runners?

Cloudflow 4 review women's

Some runners may want to wear different shoes for every distance and speed they may run on a given day. The rest of us don’t have walk-in closets in every room.

Fortunately, there are sneakers for people like us.

The On Cloudflow 4 is best suited to its design at moderate 10km to half marathon paces, but also features 31mm dual-density Helion foam that provides the cushioning the everyday trainer needs.

And at the other end of the speed spectrum, it can also act as a pinch for speed.

Helion™ foam makes the Cloudflow 4 slightly softer than the Cloudflow 3, and the new foam works great with the nylon Speedboard® plate in the midsole. This is something you won’t find in other daily sneakers.

This combination works great with On’s signature CloudTec base to provide a semi-solid, comfortable experience that won’t beat you or slow you down.

I recommend the Cloudflow 40 to runners with narrow feet, a budget, and who value excellent build quality.

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Cloudflow 4 Review (2024)

cloudflow running shoes review

CloudFlow 4 is On’s lightweight road trainer. This is not an easy category for the brand, as it walks a fine line between being nimble enough to handle tempo runs but still cushioning enough for long runs and easy outings.

This is how On has marketed CloudFlow from the beginning. A lightweight, versatile shoe that leans into faster running and offers top technology at an affordable price.


The On Cloudflow 4 fits true to size, just a little long in a regular men’s US size 10. The length isn’t enough to reduce the size, but it does seem to have a little more length at the end. The width is a bit snug across the entire length of the shoe. The lightweight engineered mesh holds the foot well in the platform and is on the performance side. The forefoot has a light taper and fits slightly snug when worn with normal width socks. The volume is average to slightly low with a performance fit. The midfoot is slightly snug with a thin, gusseted tongue. There was no need to fasten the laces or over-tighten them. However, because the tongue is thin, the top of the string felt a little bit bitey. So be careful how tight you tie the laces. The heel features an ultra-flexible heel counter and lightweight heel collar cushioning. The counter wasn’t uncomfortable at all and I think it would be okay for people with sensitive skin. Aside from the lace bite, these shoes look great to wear without socks. The inner liner is seamless and fits comfortably against the skin when running or wearing casually. Overall, this upper offers a performance edge and solid comfort aside from some lace bite.

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In terms of durability, after 20 miles the small patches of rubber on the sole start to wear out. So, like most lightweight trainers, expect your average mileage to be slightly lower. I would say this is fantastic for casual clothing. The Rolls are very comfortable while walking and I have received several compliments about them.


The On Cloudflow 4.0 is a very fun shoe to try on. These shoes have a low ground contact height so you can clearly feel your steps. The shoe’s cushioning feels firm but still good enough for daily running. People who like a lot of cushioning may struggle with this product. Because this product offers more to the opposite crowd. The shoe offers a balanced transition through the heel and midfoot and a very quick roll in the forefoot thanks to the toe spring. The shoe has a nylon speedboard throughout, making it relatively flat and heavy in the forefoot. This is definitely noticeable and creates a rolling feeling with each step in the forefoot. The shoe has moderate stiffness but has some flexibility under load. The heft of the shoe combines with the toe spring to create a very agile experience. You feel like you’re constantly rolling forward without having to drag the shoe around too much. Although there is a bit of a light sidewall, this shoe is definitely a very neutral experience.

People who want a tight feel and rocking experience while wearing the same shoe may find the Cloudflow 4 somewhat appealing. From a usage perspective, this will definitely lean towards the training side, but there’s enough responsiveness to justify some tempo runs. also. This shoe offers versatility for everyday running, a bit of uptempo, and even casual looks.


The On Cloudflow 4 is a very neutral shoe. The shoe has no major sole flaring, sidewalls or reinforcements on the platform. The ground feel and speedboard help with some stabilization, but the overall experience is very neutral.

One of the things that makes the On Cloudflow 4 an interesting shoe is the use of rocker components in a low stack height shoe. It gets most of its rocker profile through the forefoot using a toe spring.

Toe springs essentially round the platform upward, placing the toes at a slight moment of extension. This is usually done using stiffer foam or using planks/boards. For Cloudflow 4 this is done using a nylon based Speedboard.

Cloudflow 4 review men's


Comfortable and durable upper
Very light and agile
Good quality material
Provides a stable ride
Best for interval training pace


Narrow fit in the midfoot

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Overall, the On Cloudflow 4 is an impressive step forward from its predecessors, with a sturdy midsole and form-fitting upper that meets the needs of a niche audience while excluding a significant number of runners. With a hefty price tag of $160, we think this shoe excels as a versatile, neutral shoe for fit people, offering great stability and responsive, rock-solid runs. Moreover, I think the fact that it’s one of the lightest daily sneakers on the market adds to its appeal even more.

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