Ultra Boost 22 Review

Nothing beats the comfort and style of Adidas Ultraboosts. It’s the perfect shoe for a weekend jog or running errands around town.

Adidas Ultra Boost 22 Review

Adidas’s new Ultraboost 22 is one of the most expensive sneakers on the market right now. The Ultraboost 22 has some very impressive features. A sturdy running shoe with maximum cushioning for easy recovery runs, a stable ride and some of the most comfortable running shoes around. The men’s version only has an updated upper, while the women’s version has additional lugs on the sole. The change to the Strobel lining has made the fit softer, and the shoe is a little lighter than Version 21 and has slightly better heel lockdown.

I’ve been a fan of the Ultraboost series for a while and am very impressed with this new version. These shoes fit like a glove and provide excellent cushioning for long runs or intense workouts. The added lugs on the women’s version provide extra traction and are perfect for off-road running. It also looks great with its stylish design and vibrant colors.

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I have to sing the praises of the Ultraboost 22 midsole. It is one of the best midsoles in running shoes and offers significant cushioning and responsiveness. It’s definitely softer than previous models, making it a great choice for recovery work or working long hours in the office. It provides excellent energy return, essential for those who are serious about their performance.

The midsole also provides a great balance of comfort and support. Cushioning is perfect for marathon training, and the responsive outsole provides great stability. If you’re looking for a shoe with great cushioning and support, the Ultraboost 22 midsole should be your first choice.

Continental outsole

When it comes to outsoles, the Ultraboost 22 is top notch. Continental rubber is used to provide excellent grip and traction on all surfaces. This makes it suitable for running on roads, trails, and even on snow and ice. The tread pattern is also designed to provide excellent traction, and the outsole is built to be flexible yet durable. This is a great shoe for long distance runners or those who like rough terrain.

We should also mention the comfort and support these shoes provide. The midsole is soft and provides excellent cushioning, and the outsole provides excellent grip. This makes them the perfect shoe for long distance running or intense workouts.

The biggest difference when comparing the Ultraboost 21 and 22 is the continuation of the strobe under the insole. Version 21 has a thicker lattice with a small rectangular cutout, while the Ultraboost 22 has a thinner lattice with a large oval cutout at the heel.

This provides more cushioning and a smoother ride, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a trainer with maximum cushioning.

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These are one of the most stylish and comfortable running shoes I’ve ever worn.

The Adidas Ultraboost 22 upper features a two-ply construction with a lightweight, stretchy mesh upper and synthetic overlays. This makes the shoes highly ventilated and breathable, providing a very comfortable fit. The synthetic overlay provides excellent support and stability, so you don’t have to worry about your feet slipping out of the shoe.


There are a few cosmetic updates to the upper as well, including a new lacing system and new tongue. The lacing system helps keep the shoe snug to your foot, while added cushioning on the tongue adds comfort.

Compared to the Adidas Ultraboost 21, the upper of the version 22 is slightly more ventilated and lighter. However, it still offers great support and stability, making it a great choice for runners of all levels.

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The Adidas Ultraboost 22 is still perceived as a casual lifestyle trainer by most serious runners. This is mainly due to its weight of close to 12 ounces and its stretchy knit upper.

If you don’t like heavy shoes, they can still work in your shoe rotation with an easy day or recovery trainer. Just don’t expect much of the Ultraboost 22’s support to go faster than 5.30 per km speed.

The biggest advantage of the Ultraboost 22 is its price. There’s no reason the Ultraboost 22 should cost $190. It is much more expensive than Nimbus 24, Glycerin 20, Triumph 19 and Infinity Run 2.

These four maximum cushioning sneakers are softer, lighter, and more versatile than the Ultraboost 22, but where the Ultraboost 22 excels is their durability. It’s built like a tank and can last over 3000km (if you’re an economical runner).

The Ultraboost 22 is definitely an upgrade over the Ultraboost 21. It has slightly better heel lock and the Strobel lining changes make it a smoother ride, making it a better maximum cushion trainer.

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