Nike Revolution 6 Review 2024

The Nike Revolution 6 is a really popular running shoe that feels more like a sneaker the longer you wear it. With its exciting-feeling midsole, the Revolution 6 is ready for short, fun adventures, but I didn’t find it to be the best choice for serious running.

Nike Revolution 6 Review

The Nike Revolution 6 is environmentally friendly shoes with important new features. This helps it maintain its privileged status as Nike’s most popular running shoe without losing its trademark of offering excellent value for money.

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Features of Nike Revolution 6

Aimed at taking on new challenges on the road, this sixth version of the Nike Revolution is now more comfortable and lighter than its predecessor. Designed as an occasional training shoe that allows for moderate-intensity running sessions, the Phylon foam midsole provides a softer, more comfortable ride compared to the Nike Revolution 5. The level of shock absorption is much higher, allowing runners to move at medium to light speeds. With more confidence and safety.

As well as a more sustainable manufacturing process, the new Next Nature design features a completely reimagined sole. Additionally, the Nike Revolution 6’s computer-based design provides a natural underfoot feel. As a result, Revolution 6 offers a higher level of cushioning and flexibility while providing continuous traction with each step.

Another most relevant detail of the Nike Revolution 6 is its simpler design and more minimalist accents. Nike’s product designers decided to implement a softer, more breathable technical mesh in the forefoot of the trainer. It also wraps around the ankles for added comfort. This technical mesh is combined with a leather-effect heat seal and features a large heel area to enhance abrasion resistance. These reinforcements also help prevent chafing by minimizing seams.


The first thing that caught my eye was the sleek design of the Nike Revolution 6

. This shoe features a lightweight mesh upper and synthetic overlays for added support. They also feature a comfortable foam midsole and full-length rubber outsole for improved traction.


A size 6.5 is a good option, but if you’re on the edge of a standard shoe size, the recommended ordering about a half size larger. This will ensure a comfortable fit. As someone who spends a lot of time on my feet, I found the fit to be perfectly snug.

Midsole quality

When buying running shoes, I always look for a midsole with great cushioning and responsiveness. Fortunately, the Nike Revolution 6 did not disappoint. React foam cushioning is incredibly responsive, giving you a smooth, energetic ride with every stride.

The foam midsole is incredibly soft and resilient, providing ample shock absorption even on hard surfaces. Overall, the cushioning was just what I needed to keep me comfortable while running.

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The Nike Revolution 6 is a more price-friendly option from Nike, but it seems to be made purely for leisure activities like 5-a-side soccer or just hanging out.

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