Vans Old Skool Review 2024

The Vans Old Skool sneaker is synonymous with skateboarding and can be worn casually with shorts or pants. The vulcanized flat sole is perfect for board feel while skateboarding or longboarding, and the canvas upper is durable enough to last for months of skating.

Vans Old Skool Review

Vans old skool


The durability is quite strong compared to skate shoes. One side tore pretty quickly (within 2-3 months) and I had to repair it with some shoelaces and a scrap of an old sock. To be honest, I think I got a hole in the top of my left shoe after 2-3 months of wearing it. However, you can easily repair your shoes and gain more health.

If you don’t skateboard, these shoes will last you over a year before the soles wear out. It’s normal for skaters to change shoes every two to three months, so don’t be surprised by my anecdote if you don’t skate.


These shoes are as comfortable as you would expect from a nice casual shoe. They’re not as comfortable as sneakers and don’t offer much arch support for someone with high arches like me. Still, it holds its own and makes me feel good after wearing it for a few hours in the city. If you get the right fit, there’s nothing wrong with your shoes.

With skates, it’s not really an issue since you can always add insoles if you need better arch support or extra padding. There’s a good reason why virtually all skate shoes have no arch support and flat soles. You need a flat sole to control the board.

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Vans Old Skool Shoes Price

A pair of Vans Old Skool shoes sell for $60 to $65 on the Vans corporate website and $65 and up on Amazon. You can’t go cheaper for a quality pair of shoes. This is a great price for the quality and style you get. The shoes are slightly cheaper on the Vans company website than on Amazon, but the price difference can be offset by the inclusion of shipping costs.

You can also find Vans at almost every major shoe store, so finding a pair is easy. The price is great for what you get.

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Vans Old Skools have gone from subculture staple to mainstream fame over the years. It’s easy to see why. The classic, versatile silhouette, brand recognition, and comfortable, breathable upper make it impossible for me not to wear these shoes all day long. I find that the canvas/rubber construction isn’t the most durable and stains can build up easily, but the Vans Old Skool still looks amazing even after taking a beating and wearing it.

Vans old skool black and white


Are Vans Old Skool shoes still popular?

Vans Old Skool shoes are still very popular. This style is one of Vans’ best-selling shoes, and you can often see people wearing it casually and skaters at the skatepark. Celebrities including Justin Beiber, ASAP Rocky, and Daniel Radcliff have been seen wearing these shoes.

Vans style is iconic and isn’t going away anytime soon. Just keep in mind that if you don’t buy a pair, they suddenly go out of style. They will always be a classic shoe and a classic style.

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